Use these helpful resources to delve into chromatin immunoprecipitation and learn how to fine-tune your ChIP assay. These links include everything from a general overview of the method of immunoprecipitation, a Q&A of common ChIP-seq questions, and a research specialist’s first-hand perspective of his technical experience with the technique in the lab.

What is ChIP?

Cold Spring Harbor Protocols: ChIP
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols: Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP)
This protocol outlines all the steps of a successful ChIP assay as well as common troubleshooting tips for ChIP.

A Technical Guide to Conquering ChIP

A Technical Guide to Conquering ChIP

This series, “A Technical Guide to Conquering ChIP,” by research specialist David Esopi at Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center delves into the nuances of the optimal ChIP assay. From sample preparation to immunoprecipitation and library analysis, this guide is perfect as an in depth walk-through for the ChIP researcher.


ChIP seq Q&A
Q&A: ChIP-Seq Technologies and the Study of Gene Regulation

This Q&A from BioMed Central addresses many of the common questions surrounding ChIP-seq and troubleshooting issues, including antibody validation, sequencing, and mapping as well as future directions for ChIP-sequencing.

Abcam ChIP-Seq Webinar
A Step-by-step Guide to ChIP-Seq Data Analysis Webinar

This free webinar offered by Abcam is an informative way to understand the genome-wide behavior of transcription factors. Analyzing ChIP-seq data can be very difficult and Xi Chen takes publically available real ChIP-seq data sets to illustrate how to properly perform ChIP-seq routine analysis by utilizing different available online tools. Topics include QC of sequencing reads, read alignment, peak calling, data visualization.

ChIP Seq Analysis
ChIP-Seq Analysis Presentation by Remco Loos

From EMBL-EBI, Remco Loos talks about ChIP-seq and the principles behind ChIP. He touches on the advancements in next-generation sequencing and the challenges of data quality. Numerous stages of ChIP-seq is discussed, including design, mapping software, peak calling, data analysis, and genome browsers.

Wikipedia: ChIP-Seq

Wikipedia provides an overview and description of ChIP-seq, including a ChIP-seq workflow, sensitivity of ChIP, current ChIP-seq research, and a brief discussion of computational analysis.

ChIP-Seq Papers